Gainesville’s best ribs

Gainesville’s best ribs are the foundation for success at Adam’s Rib Co.  If you can’t tell from the name, we take our ribs seriously.  Our slogan is Puttin’ The Rib Back in BBQ and we feel that this is an area that most BBQ restaurants have put on the back of the pit.  While there are many different hypothesis in the industry as to why this may be such as price, toughness and sloppiness.

It is true that rib meat pound for pound is less than a chopped, pulled, or sliced pork, chicken or beef, it is no excuse to neglect what is widely considered to be the best meat on the animal.  All of our ribs are slowed cooked to perfection over some of the best seasoned wood that I inspect for quality each time.  Everyone knows that cooking ribs over a slow low heat is the best method to maintain all of the juices, and natural flavor.  When the meat gets cooked low and slow it slowly breaks down the connective tissue that normally causes rib meat to be tough.  We pull our ribs out at their peak timing when all of the connective tissue is broken down but prior to the juices beginning to dry up.  The choice wood that gets used for the bed of coals is what adds that distinctive flavor of Gainesville Florida’s best ribs. This is why we decided it was our duty to put the Rib Back in BBQ. 

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