Adam’s Rib Co. set to transform another Gainesville landmark

Adam’s Rib Co. has officially invaded the other end of 13th street. What once used to be a great place to grab a sandwich, throw down a drink and watch a game, is being transformed into a new addition to the Rib Co brand. The progress from the very first day after closing, which is below, right down to the grand opening will be available exclusively on Adam’s Rib Co and McFall Builders. McFall Builders was chosen for the renovations of the old Joe’s Deli for their superior construction methods, integrity and over thirty years of experience in Gainesville.

Below you will find a few pictures from the first day after signing. The new space will accommodate nearly double the occupants that the NW 13th st. location does. To find out more about the ongoing project check back weekly. There will be ongoing updates on both the Ribco website as well as the McFall website.

Day 1

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